Potty Action

As predicted, we have had one little stubborn guy this week… but he definitely is ready to be out of diapers.  Here are a few updates:

  • In a surprising change of events, Kingston prefers to go potty on the toilet rather than his potty chair… no toddler potty accessories needed.  We just scoot him back, make a wide “V” shape with his legs, and we have success!
  • Potty dances are absolutely necessary when it comes to our post-potty celebrations.
  • Kingston is getting better about agreeing to go to the potty, so we have adjusted our “every-15-minute-get-to-the-potty” run to about every half hour or so.
  • That being said, Kingston still does not tell us when he has to go potty… but we’re getting there.
  • The iPhone is great bribery for sitting still on the potty for longer than 1.20293203 seconds.
  • Poor little guy has had more than a few accidents and gets a little bummed by them.
  • He’s still struggling with going poo on the potty – hasn’t been successful in this department yet.  We’ve been close once, but that is about it.

With what turned into a busy Spring Break for the hubs, we are pretty happy with how Kingston is coming along with his potty training.  Looks like diapers may be a faint memory in the not-so distant future for Kingston after all!


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