Impromptu Maternity Photos

Sister was in town this weekend, so we decided to make use of the nice weather we were having and take a few photos…

2nd Pregnancy, 27 weeks:


I wanted to get a few family photos too, but Kingston was not very cooperative (ear infection/cold/teething??).  But we did capture this little action shot:

“Hey Kingston, where is baby?”

“Right here, momma.”

The one and only time he has correctly identified where his baby brother is… LOVE it.

Oh, and no worries for the hubs – we’ll be rescheduling some family photos soon…


2 thoughts on “Impromptu Maternity Photos

  1. The pictures look great! I love that you’re sitting on the baseball field- it’s so perfect for your fam and your two little boys.

  2. thanks rebecca! we thought it was a fitting location – plus great textures for the photo backgrounds. 🙂

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