On the list: Slipcover Challenge.

One DIY task I want to accomplish before baby boy comes is to sew a slipcover for our nursery rocker.  We used this same rocker in Kingston’s nursery (although the hubs seems to remember me using the rocker/recliner downstairs rather than this beaut’) and now it has made a re-appearance in our home…

In my opinion, this rocker could definitely use a little face-lift.  Made of a soft green corduroy, this baby is probably the smallest rocker you will ever find – i.e. no pre-made slipcover would ever do this rocker right.  And besides, who wants to spend $9083028303.00 on a slipcover that will be spit-up on and “gently” used by our little boys.  Yeah, not me. So… bring on the slipcover challenge!

Thank goodness for the internet & Pinterest… I have found a few styles/ideas I’m definitely keeping in mind.  I have mentioned my ideas to my mom, my co-hort in this challenge, and I think we will have no trouble at all transforming this rocker into the coziest yet most stylish little nursery rocker you can find!

Stay Tuned…


2 thoughts on “On the list: Slipcover Challenge.

  1. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! I just started ripping apart a slipper chair to be recovered. It’s my first time. Good luck!

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