Did I say slipcover? Because I meant reupholster.

Well, I guess you can say my mom and I were a little eager (and maybe just a little excited)… because we decided to jump on the nursery chair project during the weekend.  However, our whole slipcover idea went south when I had a hard time locating a couple necessary items we needed to get the job done.

But, there was no work stoppage for us, folks… as I scored a really great deal on some duck fabric.  So, we decided it was better to switch gears and focus our efforts into re-upholstering the rocker instead.

While this rocker may be small in stature, it did not lack in the staples department.  We spent a good chunk of our time on Saturday removing what felt like 2304802398402840028402384023 staples.  Bleh.  Probably the hardest part about re-upholstering this rocker instead of making a slip cover = removing some of the original fabric + staples.

So, we decided that it was best to keep some of the fabric/cushioning on the chair to save our sanity and avoid unnecessary staple removal.  This included keeping the back cushion intact.  Which, speaking of the back, needed a little help itself in the comfort department.  So we added a standard-sized pillow to the mix.

After lots of tucking and stapling of our own, we were finally starting to see some progress.  My mom was a pro in the tucking/stapling department (as pictured above).  Did I mention already how thankful I was to have her help on this project?  Pretty Beyond thankful.

Check out that back cushion.  Doesn’t it scream comfort?  Oh yeah… We were pretty pleased with this change.  I also liked the idea of a more masculine, sleek-lined chair… so we opted to not add in the tufts with buttons as the rocker originally featured.  Also to go?  A skirt at the base of the rocker.

One of my favorite views of this rocker.  This was the point in our project where we switched gears and focused on the seat cushion… which went okay.  We had some snags and some frustrations, but the result works and I have enough fabric left over to improve upon our idea, should we want to later on.

Anyway… this is how our nursery rocker transformed from this:

… to this:

All in one weekend (total time ~ 8 hours).  I am very happy with the results, but let me tell you – this was hard work and quite the undertaking.  Oh, and my mom and I are officially retired in the upholstery project department… at least for now.


7 thoughts on “Did I say slipcover? Because I meant reupholster.

  1. Okay, it took me like a year to reupholster my chairs so I am mega impressed that you did it in a weekend. Seriously! That is the way to do it- Way to go!

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