33 weeks (and a few days).

Pretty much looks like he wants to burst out of there, huh?  A few days into week 33 and I feel like I should be giving birth any day (totally joking… kind of).  I feel pretty good these days… just losing my energy here and there, which is to be expected.

I’m feeling the nesting vibe today.  I went through Kingston’s baby clothes a few weeks ago and pulled out items that would work well for baby boy this summer… and am currently running them through the wash as we speak.  I am also washing crib sheets and our changing pad covers.  With the nursery all ready to go and some clean clothes coming, I will be so much more prepared for this baby than with Kingston.  I can’t help but think about giving myself a high-five.

Within the next few weeks that we have left we have plans to have a Kingston day – a day where we spoil Kingston rotten during his last few only child days.  Go places he likes to go, do things he likes to do… should be fun.

So weird to think we will be a family of 4 in a little over a month’s time.  CRAZY!


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