Carlsbad, Kingston style.

The Tuesday after Memorial Day was my grandpa’s funeral.  That day was one emotional-roller-coaster-filled day, so it was nice to have a no-plans relaxing Wednesday.  The only thing we made sure to do on Wednesday was to fully enjoy the day with Kingston; our agenda was filled with activities that he would love.

First on the list: The Carlsbad Inn Park.  I have been staying at the Carlsbad Inn since I was a little girl… but I don’t really remember using the park they have on site until this trip.  Not much to it, but our little guy was one happy camper.

Next on the list: A walk to the beach.  The nice part about where we stay is the fact that the beach is right across the street… but on Wednesday we decided to take the long route instead.

We also made sure to enjoy the pool and order dinner into our condo… and of course, watch the sunset while we had a little fro-yo and ice cream.  It was definitely a day we all needed.


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