Fun Run 2012

Forest Festival 2012 was held the first weekend in June… which included a little fun run for the kiddos to participate in.  Sure, they may say it is for 3 – 8 year olds, but that didn’t stop Kingston from joining in on the fun.  In fact, this was his 2nd year participating (see THIS post from last year).

However, this year… there may have been a few screams/shouts involved… and Kingston may have been throwing a slight tantrum the whole time (2.5 year old wanted to see the parade floats that were setting up instead of start the run)… but he finished and was awarded his medal.  What a champ.

Sorry I didn’t get closer, kiddo.
Momma wasn’t moving that fast at 35.5 weeks preggo.
(and we just returned from Cali the night before. just saying.)

The cousins were in town for the weekend and enjoyed the run too – and each of the three little participants celebrated afterwards with a yummy (albeit organic) sucker.

I don’t think they could get any cuter.

Oh wait:

I suppose I was wrong.

That’s my boy.
Proudly showing his medal.
Can’t wait to see you run it again next year, my love!


4 thoughts on “Fun Run 2012

  1. So cute! I should have put my kiddos in that frun run- they could have burned off some pre-parade wiggles : ). I love all your California pics too- I’m glad you guys were able to have such a wonderful time and celebrate your Grandpa’s life while you were there too.

  2. thanks! yeah, it really did help with the parade – kingston sat pretty still! 🙂 our trip to cali was definitely bittersweet.

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