Cole, my newest lil’ love.

Like his brother, Cole was born via c-section.  It was crazy to go through this pregnancy knowing we would know the day (and eventually the time) that we would get to meet our second baby boy.  There was no real significance to the day we chose; Cole’s due date was actually today, July 3rd, and we needed to have the surgery during my 39th week of pregnancy.  June 27th was the chosen date simply because my OB was on-call that day and would be available to perform the surgery.

When the 27th rolled around, I was a mess of emotions… so excited to meet our new lil’ love, but also nervous and anxious for the whole surgery process.  Although it was a repeat c-section, it felt like it was a first-time c-section to me.  After laboring with Kingston for 27 hours then heading into surgery, I literally fell asleep during Kingston’s and did not wake up until we were moved from the recovery room to our postpartum room at the hospital (~ 2 hours).  Needless to say, I was going into this surgery without a clue of what I was going to go through during the c-section.

With that said, the experience this time was a pretty great one – I didn’t fall asleep and got to hear the first few cries Cole made after birth.  I was able to bond with him in the recovery room and hold him skin-to-skin.  I was even able to witness his first bath and see the pure joy on the hubs’ face as he admired his newest lil’ love.  These are memories I am so thankful for and would not change for anything.

Probably my favorite part?  Seeing Kingston meet his new baby brother for the first time:

I am so in love with my boys.


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