Kitchen work.

It is time… time to continue work on our kitchen.  Remember how we started our kitchen remodel last summer, which included painting our kitchen cabinets (see HERE)?  Well, this is how our kitchen stands today:

Yeah.  Still not finished and still pretty much the same as we left it last October… when we found out I was pregnant with baby Cole.  Now that we are a little over two weeks postpartum, I am ready to continue work on this room.  If anything, it will be nice to have something to work on a little bit each day… in between Cole’s feeding schedule.

Areas that still need work in our kitchen:

  • Cabinets – finish painting them white, add new hardware, spray paint hinges black.
  • Ceiling – patch two holes in ceiling (made to see if we could remove a load-bearing wall).
  • Light fixture – replace fluorescent lighting… TBD.
  • Appliances – replace oven and dishwasher; install microhood microwave… TBD.
  • Shelves – install two open shelves above dishwasher (??).

Let the summer home improvement projects begin!


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