Us, sans kiddos.

We took full advantage of getting out of the house sans kiddos for a quick date night last Thursday for our anniversary (our first date night after becoming a family of 4).  So of course, we had to take the typical “prom date” style photo to document our time away, right?

Yep.  We’re classy like that.  I tried to convince the hubs to let me take my camera with us into the restaurant and snap a few during dinner… but I could quickly tell that wasn’t going to happen.  So he agreed to let me take a few on our annual walk around Capitol Lake (in memory of our first date)…


Ha!  I thought he was going to kill me for suggesting to take his picture solo, but check out my man working it for the camera.  So of course, I had to partake in a solo photo too.

And one last one.  I gotta say, we had a pretty great time out on the town.  I sure do love that man of mine.


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