Happy Birthday Tristan?

Kingston is really into birthdays lately.  I mean, really into birthdays.  He talked about birthdays all day long Saturday.  So, we told him it was sister’s fiance’s birthday… you know, 3ish months early.  And let me tell you – we did it up right for Tristan.

The hubs, Kingston, and Tristan went to pick up a pizza for everyone for dinner (pre-“birthday” plans for dinner).  So, on the way home they decided to stop by the store and let Kingston pick out a birthday cake.  Chocolate cake with Oreo whipped cream frosting – pretty decent for store-bought cake and it turns out it would have been Tristan’s choice anyway (the man likes Oreos).

The only birthday candles I had on hand were left over candles from Kingston’s first birthday.  They ended up working out perfectly in the end; instead of spelling out “Happy Birthday,” we opted for “Happy Day.”

I was even able to locate a few extra birthday napkins.

And we found a few balloons to really get the party atmosphere flowing through our home.

The part Kingston was waiting for?  Blowing out the candles.  Tristan let Kingston take-one-for-the-team and blow out his “birthday” candles.  I am starting to think that this was the whole reason to celebrate Tristan’s birthday in Kingston’s eyes.

Yep, I’m really thinking the candles were it… because this is about as far as Kingston got into the cake.  He licked a little of the frosting… but left most of his piece behind.

Not bad for an impromptu celebration of a non-birthday day.  How was your Saturday?


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