{Plasma} Car Racing.

The neighbors were doing it… so the hubs and sister’s fiance joined in the fun.  Sure they may be built and recommended for 2 to 5 year olds, but the adults were definitely having a good time and burned a little rubber on those PlasmaCars.

Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner.


2 thoughts on “{Plasma} Car Racing.

  1. lol cute!! 🙂 no mention of my wounds… haha that’s probably a good thing! We had so much fun hanging out all day! Tristan can’t stop talking about how cute Kingston is.. 🙂 I think he likes having little conversations with him.

  2. i’m glad you had fun… and i didn’t want to bring up any bad memories. 😉 that’s great that tristan is enjoying spending time with kingst – kingst just loves you guys!

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