‘Doh Boy.

We’ve been having a lot of fun around our house with Kingston and his play-doh these days.  I finally felt he was old enough to play with this toy and not be tempted to eat the colorful goodness.  I have plans to make some homemade ‘doh I found on Pinterest, but opted to buy 3 jars from the store for now.  Best $2.64 + tax I ever spent.

However, it seems that the hubs and I are doing most of the dirty work.  Kingston always requests that we make 4 gingerbread men for him… and lines them up in a specific order once they are all created.  So in the photo above we have Cole, Dadda, Kingston, and Momma (from left to right).  The diamond-shapes and circles pictured above?  Those would be pillows and blankets… because Kingston always wants our ‘doh family to go “night night.”  Kingston likes the addition of a ball-shaped piece of ‘doh to his gingerbread man so he is holding a baseball, because apparently he holds baseballs when he sleeps (nope).

Sometimes he has us add extras to our ‘doh family, such as the Christmas tree, dinosaur, kitty, and teddy bear pictured below.  And lucky dadda – he was given a baseball to hold while he sleeps, too:

I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep with a Christmas tree or a dinosaur?  Oh the joys of imaginative play!


2 thoughts on “‘Doh Boy.

  1. i read in several places that lining up things like that is a sign of very high intelligence, taylor would always do the same thing. super cute that it is mostly the same.

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