The Christmas Card Poll.

Yeah, you read the subject of this post right… Christmas is on my brain today.  We took these family photos over the weekend and now I am leaning towards using one of them as our family Christmas card picture this year.  Originally, I just wanted to snap a few family photos to update our old “family-of-3” photos we have around the house and online.  But, I really liked how these four photos turned out… especially when trying to get a baby, toddler, and husband to look at the camera and be excited for our photos (an extremely careful balancing act due to our feeding, napping, and game-watching schedules).



So, I need some help.  Let me know which photo we should use on our Christmas card this year by answering the following poll:

I’ll re-post the winning photo/answer on this Friday’s post.  Happy voting, friends!


One thought on “The Christmas Card Poll.

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