Cole: 3 months


Whoa, picture overload… I know.  This baby of mine is just too much fun to photograph.  He actually was in a fussy mood during his 3 month photos.  Maybe it was the outfit changes and the crazy winter hat?  I’m sorry buddy – gotta get photos of you wearing your brother’s hat before it is too small.  And you kind of have a photo-crazy momma.  Kind of.

Weight: ~ 18 lb. (this is an at-home estimate; dr. appointment is next month)
Height: ~ 27 in. (again, this is an at-home estimate)

  • He has found his fist and loves to stare at it for hours… or a few minutes, then bring it to his mouth and suckle a little.
  • Cole has almost outgrown his baby swing, in weight and length.  Once this happens, he will be one sad little baby boy – he loves that thing.
  • Interaction with mommy and daddy is Cole’s thing.  He loves to hear baby talk and coo back to us.
  • Such a happy baby, Cole rarely fusses.  He is most content sitting on someone’s lap… mainly mine.
  • Tummy time?  Not a problem.  Cole actually enjoys it and if he tires, he just lowers his head to the side and sucks on his fist.
  • Like his brother, Cole loves bath time.
  • He’s already drooling… and tends to spit up occasionally… so I think we’ve officially entered the messy baby stage!
  • Cole loves going for car rides… he tends to fall asleep every time.
  • He scoots!  Just call him scooter – the boy scoots from the middle of his crib to the top left corner every morning.
  • I hate to say this, especially for all of you parents out there who aren’t quite so lucky, but Cole has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now.  It is heaven.

Want to see Cole’s post from last month? Click HERE.


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