The End.

Today I head back to work and say goodbye to the 3 months I have had off with my toddler and baby boy.  While I enjoy my work, I will miss hanging out with my babies every day.  I know Kingston is excited to head back to daycare – all last week he asked to go play at “Tiffy’s house.”  This makes me so very happy, because I know the boys are in good hands.  But it will still be hard to drive away from these two faces today:


What sweet babies I have.  Although Kingston will be happy to jump right in and play at their in-home daycare today, I know Cole will struggle with the adjustment a bit.  For the better or worse – Cole is a momma’s boy.  Kingston never clung to me as much as my little does.  Fortunately, my work allows me to work a flex schedule so I am able to have Fridays off each week.  The last two and a half years I have called them “Kingston and Mommy days.”  Now, I look forward to my “Mommy and the boys” days.

So, until then, I will hang up my athletic pants, kiss my babies while they sleep each morning, and put my game face back on… for it is time to bring home the bacon, my friends.


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