Progress: Kitchen Remodel

Time for another update on our kitchen remodel.  THIS is where we started at this summer… and here is where we ended:



Pretty good progress for a busy schedule that never seems to be slowing down and a new baby thrown in the mix.  I really like the way the kitchen feels with a few of the cabinets open… I may only paint the short cabinets (above the fridge and above the hood) for now and think about the others.  The thought of open cabinetry or glass in a few of the doors intrigues me.

Anyway, here is our updated list of things left to do in this space:

  • Cabinets – finish painting them white, add new hardware, spray paint hinges black. – Still a work in progress.  See thoughts above.
  • Ceiling – patch two holes in ceiling (made to see if we could remove a load-bearing wall).  – This one is finally done!  Well, semi-done.  The hubs just needs to sand, texturize, and paint.
  • Light fixture – replace fluorescent lighting… TBD. – New fixture is picked out and patiently waiting for us… Once I get my first paycheck from returning to work, this baby will be replaced!
  • Appliances – replace oven and dishwasher; install microhood microwave… TBD. – Still TBD.  I would like to replace a few around Christmas.  We’ll see. 
  • Shelves – install two open shelves above dishwasher (??). – A definite to-do item for this Fall.  We are hoping to tackle this in a couple of weekends.  By we, I mean me… hoping the hubs will jump on the bandwagon.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

There you have it!  Hoping to have another update posted in a month or so.  I love how this space is transforming into a more functional kitchen for our little family.


2 thoughts on “Progress: Kitchen Remodel

  1. thank you! we are working hard to transform it into what we want it to be. 🙂 not to decide to keep the open shelving… re-hang the doors with glass inserts… or to just re-hang the doors, that is the question.

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