30, Flirty, & Thriving.

Today I wave my twenty’s goodbye and say hello to being a 30-something.

The hubs says its time for me to start enjoying the finer things in life… like talk radio… and sit back and enjoy, as we grow older together.  Not gonna lie – nothing would make me happier.

I can’t wait to come home and celebrate my day with my boys… Kingston’s been waiting for about a week or so now for me to open my present from him, Cole, and Daddy.  He is so fun to celebrate birthdays with now.  Speaking of my oldest – he took the above photo of me and Cole last night.  Not bad for an almost-3 year old.

And this is what makes me smile and truly say how happy I am to be turning 30.  What a great day!


2 thoughts on “30, Flirty, & Thriving.

  1. so true, i suppose. but a sure sign i’ve put on my big girl panties. 🙂 haven’t bit that bullet yet, though!

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