Cole: 5 months

Cole 5 months

This post is a few days overdue… but still completely necessary.  Cole turned 5 months almost a week ago, on November 27th.  And it hit me; my little is almost half-way through his first year!  Can someone please slow down time just a little bit?  I can’t believe this is true.

I haven’t measured Cole yet for his monthly stats, but I haven’t been very accurate in the past.  My guess?  Cole is somewhere around 20 lb. and 29 in. in length… but these are just guesses.  We’ll get something a little more concrete later this month at my baby’s 6 month appointment (craziness!).

  • Probably the biggest milestone?  Cole’s ability to reach and grasp objects.  He has so much fun playing with a few of his rattles now… it almost feels like big-boy behavior.
  • In addition to his single-grain oatmeal, the boy has been having a few tastes of our food.  Apples, bananas, and potatoes to name a few.
  • Sadly, Cole has reverted in his nighttime routine.  Long gone are the sleeping-through-the-night days; Cole now wakes up at least once a night (boo).
  • Cole has found his toes!
  • Sign him up for gymnastics – this boy is a log roller, but only to his left.
  • He’s a tummy sleeper.  We always place him in his crib on his back, but the boy rolls over onto his tummy to get comfortable.
  • The boy loves a good story and loves to be read to already.
  • No teeth yet, but the buckets of drool continue.  He could be a vampire baby, but we’ll see…
  • When Cole gets frustrated these days, he gets “spittin’ mad” – literally.  The boy blows the biggest air-raspberries/spit bubbles when things aren’t how he wants them.
  • Cole is already interested in his brother’s toys… especially Kingston’s frog pillow pet.





Want to see Cole’s post from last month? Click HERE.


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