Cole: 5 months

This post is a few days overdue… but still completely necessary.  Cole turned 5 months almost a week ago, on November 27th.  And it hit me; my little is almost half-way through his first year!  Can someone please slow down time just a little bit?  I can’t believe this is true. I haven’t measured Cole […]

Kingston: 3 years old.

      Wishing my sweet, big boy the happiest of birthdays today.  Three years ago we became a family of three and instantly knew what unconditional love felt like.  He is so much fun and I am so proud to say he is mine. Happy Birthday, Kingston!

Cole: 3 months

  Whoa, picture overload… I know.  This baby of mine is just too much fun to photograph.  He actually was in a fussy mood during his 3 month photos.  Maybe it was the outfit changes and the crazy winter hat?  I’m sorry buddy – gotta get photos of you wearing your brother’s hat before it […]

MR. & MRS.

What a beautiful day sister‘s wedding was last Saturday.  Gorgeous flowers, fun decorations, pretty dresses, and handsome tuxes.  Everything went together perfectly.  And the weather was cooperative for the most part; just sprinkling a small bit before the wedding… which, as we heard at our wedding, brings good luck to the marriage (or at least makes the […]