Visiting Santa Claus.

Remember our experience last year?  Well, my friends, let me tell you… Kingston was a sitting-on-Santa’s-lap CHAMP this year.  Now, it didn’t come naturally/all on his own; the hubs and I have been spending the past week or so getting him excited for our visit.  We made sure to talk Santa up, explain that Santa […]

A strand of Christmas lights.

This weekend we pulled out our Christmas decorations per tradition and started decking our halls with some holiday cheer.  One strand of Christmas lights ended up being a great distraction for a little baby I know. And maybe one toddler… and his dancing snowman. Boy, do we love us some Christmas around these parts.

A Pirate Party.

Saturday (November 10th) was a great day to celebrate my oldest… and in what better way than in Pirate style, matey.   This boy had a blast.  “Best Birthday Ever!” was the quote of the day.  And it wouldn’t have been the fun day that it was without Brooklyn, Tatyana, Sammy, Sawyer, Carson, Mia, Emma, […]

Kingston: 3 years old.

      Wishing my sweet, big boy the happiest of birthdays today.  Three years ago we became a family of three and instantly knew what unconditional love felt like.  He is so much fun and I am so proud to say he is mine. Happy Birthday, Kingston!

My Knight (in shining armor).

    This boy had such a blast this Halloween.  After visiting about 3 houses in Nana and Papa’s neighborhood and 12 houses in our neighborhood, this boy has got the words “Trick or Treat?” down. He loved knocking on everyone’s door… but we had to keep reminding him not to go in people’s houses, to […]

Because it was a bit misty out.

     He made sure to take an umbrella to the mailbox… and then into the backyard this evening.  Never can be too prepared; don’t want to get drenched in all this mist we’re having now (I’m starting to think Kingston would make a good boy scout; just need to make sure he remembers to put […]

Birthday Countdown.

  It is on like donkey kong around these parts, when it comes to counting down to Kingston’s 3rd birthday.  Where has the time gone, really?  THREE years old?  This feels big. So, I made a paper chain to help count down the days until his birthday. Pretty much the highlight of his day… or […]

My Life: According to Instagram

                  Time for another insta-dump.  Is it me, or is it hard to believe it is Friday again?  With work starting back up and us truly feeling how our schedule will be like with a family of 4, I kind of slacked a bit on this ol’ blog.  It was nice to see everyone at […]