My Life: According to Instagram


The end of October and all of November is a pretty good time in our household… there seems to always be a reason to celebrate during that time.  And celebrate we do.  We have my birthday, Halloween, Kingston’s birthday, and Thanksgiving… which also means plenty of family time together (awww).

Could it get better than that?  Oh yes, my friends… for it is now officially one of the best holiday seasons in my book.  Christmas music, Christmas lights, Christmas tree… we’re all sorts of Christmas in our household and it is pretty much the best.  Just wait until you see next month’s instagram post…

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A strand of Christmas lights.

This weekend we pulled out our Christmas decorations per tradition and started decking our halls with some holiday cheer.  One strand of Christmas lights ended up being a great distraction for a little baby I know.

And maybe one toddler… and his dancing snowman.

Boy, do we love us some Christmas around these parts.

Yesterday we gave our Thanks.



We spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws’ home this year.  It was a nice, quiet Thanksgiving.  Full of good food, little to no rain, football on the TV, baseball/playing catch outside… and even a few photos with a busy toddler and a cranky, teething baby.

Now, crank up the holiday tunes – it is time to decorate for Christmas!

So Very Thankful.

Today we celebrate what we are thankful for… so I thought I would share a few of mine.

I am thankful for each love of my life (all three).  My guys make each day fun and full of happiness; my heart is so full when I am with the hubs, Kingston, and Cole.

I am thankful for a big, loving family – both the hubs and mine.

I am thankful for good heath.

I am thankful for our fabulous daycare-giver Tiffanie.  She is more like family and spoils the boys absolutely rotten!  We really lucked out; it makes it that much easier for me to be able to go to work, knowing they are in such good hands.

I am thankful for our friends; you make life FUN!

I am thankful for digital photography; so many fun moments in our life have been captured by it.

I am thankful for a warm bed, hot shower, a roof over my head, electricity… all the conveniences that I often take for granted (thank you for the reminder, TV show Revolution).

I am thankful for a job that allows me to work a flex schedule and allow time off with my family.

I am thankful that it will officially be considered okay for me to be listening to Christmas music after today (a bit cheeky, but true).  How can anyone be angry when they listen to Christmas music?!?!

And probably the biggest thought on my mind is how very thankful I am that I was able to have two of the sweetest boys I know.  It is such a gift to be a mother  and something I cherish each and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

A Pirate Party.

Saturday (November 10th) was a great day to celebrate my oldest… and in what better way than in Pirate style, matey.


This boy had a blast.  “Best Birthday Ever!” was the quote of the day.  And it wouldn’t have been the fun day that it was without Brooklyn, Tatyana, Sammy, Sawyer, Carson, Mia, Emma, Ridge, Lily, and Emily – thank you all for coming!  Oh, and if you weren’t counting… the guest list consisted of 11 toddlers, 2 babies, and 19 adults (aye yai yai!).  The hubs thinks that the children’s museum is looking better and better for next year’s celebration.

{All photos above taken by my fabulous sister and were only a small fraction of the 103 photos I have from the day; thank you so much for taking care of that for me!}

Kingston: 3 years old.




Wishing my sweet, big boy the happiest of birthdays today.  Three years ago we became a family of three and instantly knew what unconditional love felt like.  He is so much fun and I am so proud to say he is mine.

Happy Birthday, Kingston!

Four Years.

Yesterday marked the beginning of another year of this blog, with four years under my belt.  Four years!  That sounds so crazy to me.  So much has happened and been documented in the past four years, all thanks to this blog… including these two miracles:


As always with my anniversary posts and to keep in tune with the month of November, I am so very thankful to have a place to share my life, family, and ideas.  A place to keep memories for years to come and to share happenings/thoughts with all of you.  This blog has helped me in so many ways, really.  While there have been some slow times recently, I am so excited for the year ahead… and I hope you are too.  And a big thank you to you too, readers.  You give me inspiration to keep sharing each and every day.

It’s a cold one.

Today, we are having a very cold morning (27 degrees outside at 7AM?? and yes, that is frost on the field behind our home’s backyard)… but “It’s a cold one” might also be what you have been thinking if you visited my blog this past week.  Sorry about that.

However, there is good news!  Today is the start of a beautiful 4-day weekend, full of fun things.  Like Kingston’s 3rd birthday party, my bloggy anniversary, family and friends in town… all sorts of good things.  Oh, and maybe an update on our kitchen (i.e. a new shelf and kitchen light!).  So lets just say there will be lots of good things coming your way soon.

My Knight (in shining armor).


This boy had such a blast this Halloween.  After visiting about 3 houses in Nana and Papa’s neighborhood and 12 houses in our neighborhood, this boy has got the words “Trick or Treat?” down.

He loved knocking on everyone’s door… but we had to keep reminding him not to go in people’s houses, to say thank you, and to only take one piece of candy if they let him choose.

His cousins Mia and Emma were in town, so he had a great time walking around with Doc McStuffins and a Wild Thing (sad none of the pictures turned out of all three of them!).  The rain held off for most of our outing, so that made us happy campers.

Oh, and baby Cole looked quite handsome as a baby pirate, with painted mustache included (just like big brother).

After all, doesn’t a little curly cue mustache make everything better??  What a happy Halloween indeed.