Merry & Bright.

                   Oh, Christmas Eve… we had fun with you this year.  My in-laws host a family party every year on Christmas Eve which always proves to be a good time.  For the past three years, we have added a white elephant game for the adults after drinks, dinner, and many many desserts.  This year, however, […]

Candy Melt Oreos

Because Oreo cookies aren’t already addicting as-is, I thought I would spice a few of them up (as well as some pretzel rods) for the holidays.  Thanks to Pinterest and a work party, this became a reality today: I am sure these will bring some holiday cheer to our Christmas celebrations.  Super easy to make; […]

Taking a little {Christmas} break…

Remember when I used to try to blog once a day… a minimum of at least 5 posts per week?  With this holiday season for some reason, blogging has escaped me.  I guess we’ll consider it my “Christmas break” from blogging… The new year is quickly approaching and I am hoping to be back, better […]

Photography {Amber & Shon}

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a friend/co-worker and asked to take a few photos for her.  Her request: Christmas photos of her boyfriend and herself… with at least one photo that would work for a Christmas card.  Me?  I was suuuuuper excited to do this for her – my first official paying […]

Visiting Santa Claus.

Remember our experience last year?  Well, my friends, let me tell you… Kingston was a sitting-on-Santa’s-lap CHAMP this year.  Now, it didn’t come naturally/all on his own; the hubs and I have been spending the past week or so getting him excited for our visit.  We made sure to talk Santa up, explain that Santa […]

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt.

  How perfect was Sunday for our annual Christmas tree hunt at our favorite Christmas tree farm??  We lucked out… and found a pretty great one this year, if I do say so myself.  As usual, I am pretty happy that we have vaulted ceilings; we always seem to pick us a 9 footer.

My Life: According to Instagram

                The end of October and all of November is a pretty good time in our household… there seems to always be a reason to celebrate during that time.  And celebrate we do.  We have my birthday, Halloween, Kingston’s birthday, and Thanksgiving… which also means plenty of family time together (awww). Could it get better […]

A strand of Christmas lights.

This weekend we pulled out our Christmas decorations per tradition and started decking our halls with some holiday cheer.  One strand of Christmas lights ended up being a great distraction for a little baby I know. And maybe one toddler… and his dancing snowman. Boy, do we love us some Christmas around these parts.