Cole: 5 months

This post is a few days overdue… but still completely necessary.  Cole turned 5 months almost a week ago, on November 27th.  And it hit me; my little is almost half-way through his first year!  Can someone please slow down time just a little bit?  I can’t believe this is true. I haven’t measured Cole […]

22 months (1 year, 10 months)

    Dear Kingston, Yesterday you turned 22 months… or one year, ten months old.  You are officially in your “big boy” room now and doing so well (room tour to come).  You sleep in your twin bed (no toddler bed for you, my sweet boy) and are still sleeping through the night.  You seem to […]

New ‘do.

Kingston, please know that your hair was pretty shaggy… some might have said your hair was turning into a hot mess.  Bath time would end in one snarled mane.  You developed morning/sleep hair… even when you weren’t sleeping.  Your curls weren’t always as tight and cute as they once were.  It was time… time for […]

What’s new?

The hubs hooked up our internet again… hooray! So, how are you?  I feel like I have been gone for so long… or that I may have missed so much.  It is crazy how much I enjoy checking out the blog world in my daily routine. We’re moving right long with our flooring part of […]

16 months (1 year, 4 months)

Dear Kingston, Today you are 16 months, or one year four months old.  You are developing quite the little personality!  You love to be the center of attention, making people laugh and smile by all the fun little tricks you can do.  You know where your nose, ear, and belly button are… but proudly show […]

15 months (1 year, 3 months)

Dear Kingston, Today you are 15 months old, or one year and three months old.  You, my love, have had quite the month!  You were a “triple threat,” dealing with a double ear infections, pneumonia, and teething all at once.  Your hair is getting so long!  Daddy wants to cut it… but I can’t part […]

2010 Recap: (most of) Kingston’s first year.

  January – 2 months Weight: 12 lb., Length: 24.5 in. Highlights:  He LOVES his mealtimes and has already doubled his birth weight… weighing in at a nice and thick 12 lb.  He is very, very strong!  Already able to hold his neck up for several seconds and twist his head from left to right. […]