Candy Melt Oreos

Because Oreo cookies aren’t already addicting as-is, I thought I would spice a few of them up (as well as some pretzel rods) for the holidays.  Thanks to Pinterest and a work party, this became a reality today: I am sure these will bring some holiday cheer to our Christmas celebrations.  Super easy to make; […]

Pinterest Dinner: Baked Ziti

I have pinned several dinners to my Pinterest account and finally decided to tackle one this week.  Not that complicated, but something different from easy-peasy spaghetti.  It turned out to be a hit with the whole fam – even our picky toddler.  And that’s saying something. Yum.  Wanna make this?  Follow the recipe HERE or […]

Christmas Sugar Cookies via Pinterest

December 23rd marked the beginning of my holiday baking.  This year, I made pies for our Christmas dinner, a super delicious sweet potato casserole for our Christmas Eve dinner, and THESE sugar cookies (recipe via Pinterest). {The Ingredients} The only thing I noticed different from the usual sugar cookie recipe I use is the addition of […]

(a take on) Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea

Are you a fan of Starbucks’ shaken iced tea?  Well, folks – sister is brilliant.  A co-worker taught her how to make a similar at-home version… which she shared with me.  Pure deliciousness in a glass, I tell you.  Want to give it a whirl? First, select your Tazo tea; sister and I prefer the […]

Weekend Happenings.

Saturday was beautiful. Full of sunshine and perfect opportunities to practice shooting pictures in “manual” mode.  Our little guy enjoyed getting outdoors for a little while, even though he is still not 100% healthy.  So, we bundled him up in hopes that a little Vitamin D would do the boy some good… I made homemade […]

A new take on banana bread…

LOVE banana bread.  LOVE chocolate.  But banana and chocolate bread – two of the best things EVER – combined to form one yummy, delicious baked good? SIGN ME UP. May I present to you: Banana and Chocolate Muffins. Ingredients: butter (4 oz.), ripe bananas (2), sugar (1/2 cup), eggs (2), flour (1 1/2 cups), unsweetened cocoa […]

You will think you have died and gone to Heaven.

Today the hubs and I are going over to our friends’ home for dinner and we offered to bring something for dessert.  When I asked the hubs what I should make, he quickly answered: “Jen’s sweet spot, please.”  By “Jen’s sweet spot,” the hubs is combining baseball terminology and baking together… meaning that it is […]